Fighting FOMO

Fighting FOMO

Outside my window, the leaves have begun to change color and the trees are looking more and more bare. That can only mean one thing—it’s pumpkin spice latte season! (kidding) It means fall, my favorite season, is arriving!


I love everything about the fall, including fall fashion. Recently, I’ve been browsing the interwebz for a beautiful pair of flat ankle boots that will carry me through my days in comfort. I stumbled across this beautiful pair a while back, and they were waiting patiently in my list of liked items. When I received a 25% off offer, I sprang into action!


I bought them from Yoox, which has very quick shipping, and three days later these beauties arrived on my doorstep. Joyously ripping open the box, I marveled at these boots as I pulled them out of their careful wrapping. Like Cinderella gingerly inserting her foot into her lost glass slipper, I thought these boots were my fall prince charming.


Alas, I was mistaken. Despite their excellent craftsmanship and Italian leather, I suddenly realized I had been too hasty in my decision to pull (or click, in this case) the purchasing trigger.


Despite by best efforts, I had contracted a bad case of FOMO.


I realized that I had been seeing all the lovely footwear showcased on the streets of New England, and was lulled into a state of envy. I, too, need beautiful ankle boots!


What I didn’t do, however, was follow my personal shopping rules:


What these boots DID have:


  • Quality
  • Fell into my desired price range (albeit, with an offer code)
  • Are practical
  • Filled a gap in my wardrobe


Why I should have thought this purchase out more thoroughly:


  • The color was off; when buying online, however, this is always a risk. I prefer cooler browns for my wardrobe, but I’ve ordered items from the website before, and the colors I received were several shades darker than the images online
  • The shaft rises to just below my calf, making them “taller” for an ankle-boot style; I know already that I don’t prefer this style for my body shape
  • They are slip-ons; this is a big no-no for me, and I actually laughed when I received them because I realized how silly I had been. I have a very high instep, because of which I rarely fit into slip-on boots.


So, unfortunately, these will be sent back whence they came. No fairytale ending here.


But, this experience did remind me to be more level-headed in the face of online offers. There’s a reason I’ve been removing myself from distribution lists. They work!








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