My top tips for ushering in the cold

My top tips for ushering in the cold

Do you change your skin care routine when the cold weather comes? I do. I’m a seasoned owner of dry skin.


I swear my skin can tell when the cold is coming before the meteorologists even do. 


Where I live, it seems that this week the cold is finally settling in (despite several hot and humid days). I don’t know if it’s the volatile weather or what, but it’s made me start to change my skin care habits.


Here are my top tips on how to weather (pun intended, obvs) the season change.


Hydrate from the inside out


This will come as no surprise to anyone, but drinking more water (at any time of the year) helps your body. I drink obscene amounts of water even under normal circumstances, but I kick it up a small notch around this time of year.


I also try to drink hot water with a slice of lemon in the morning. This has the added benefit of helping to aid digestion throughout the day (and it’s a good way to prevent yourself from drinking that third coffee…)


Help your hair out


If you have dry or curly hair, then this time of year might make your locks unhappy. My porous curls are just not having it right now. To help ease their pain, I’ve been using this Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner as a mask twice a week. It’s a bit too heavy for my hair type as a regular leave-in treatment. I either leave it in all day and rinse out in the evening (one of the benefits of working from home), or, if you’re like most normal people and can’t have crazy hair during the day, you can wear an overnight mask. I like to loosely braid my hair and pop on a disposal shower cap to protect my pillow.


To really boost my hair’s moisture, I also use a shower mask once weekly. I’ve been using this L’Oreal mask for around a month now. It has an incredibly thick, almost butter-like texture (think cake frosting). I’d steer clear if you have fine hair, but I like it so far.


Oils galore


Now, I know a lot of people can’t stomach oils. But I l.o.v.e. them for all parts of my body.


If you haven’t guessed already, I run extremely dry (despite my propensity for over-hydration). I use oils in my hair and on my skin. For my body, I’ve had a lot of success making my own body butter. I use a combination of shea and cocoa butters mixed with argan, coconut and vitamin E oils.


If you’re looking for something more convenient though, I really love Cerave’s body cream or Soap and Glory’s the Righteous Butter.


If you can handle it, I slather on a heavy helping of oil on my face before I go to bed. Oil is the last step in my evening skin routine, so I really go to town. I’ve been loving this one by Nude Skincare, but after I ran out I wanted to try something more affordable. Instead, I grabbed this one by The Ordinary. It’s thick and luscious, and just what I need right now.


In line with a “from the inside out” approach, I also add some extra oils to my diet. I try to eat salmon a few times a week and also take fish oil supplements.


More skin care


My face suffers visibly during the shift to the cold. My cheeks become rougher and more sensitive, and my skin gets that “tight” feeling. I’ve tried a plethora of products to help fight this. Some of my favorites include the Hada Lobo Milky Lotion, which is a milky hyaluronic acid-based toner. Supposedly, this is supposed to be applied after cleansing or after their clear lotion, which I take to be of a serum consistency. Personally, I apply it after clear serums but before heavier treatments. That might be wrong, but I get good results anyways. I also dab this lightly on the edges of my lips for some extra moisture.


Similarly, any hyaluronic acid serum really helps bump up those moisture levels. The Ordinary make a lovely one that I’ve used in the past, although for my purposes this wasn’t quite strong enough on its own.


When I’m through with my current bottle of Hada Lobo, I’m looking forward to trying Niod’s version at some point (notice my Deciem obsession yet?). I’ve read many nice reviews about hydration products in spray form as well, but I find these make me too cold when I apply them with my icy, shivering hands (brrrrrrr!).


I also switch up my moisturizers come the cooler weather as well. Fortunately, I seem to take around 3-4 months to go through one particular skin care item, so I tend to buy seasonally anyways.


I liked the Liz Earle sensitive skin moisturizer, although it’s really heavy—almost mask like. For me, I thought it was too heavy on the thick oils and needed more balance.


I also had good luck with Paula’s Choice replenishing moisturizer. This moisturizer helped me through some rough skin issues, but once I recovered from them I wanted something with a bit more “oomph.” I’m still on the lookout for a favorite moisturizer.


Don’t forget about those lips


This might not be relevant for everyone, but it could be useful share, now that the matte liquid lipstick craze is here to stay. My lips go through a small meltdown at the beginning of every fall. I don’t know what causes it, but for the past few years, they go through a “molting” of sorts.


Because of that, I try to prepare and help them the best I can. I don’t wear mattes until I’m accustomed to the cold, I eat my omega 3 oils and I also try to help them along with nourishing lip care. During the day, Vaseline is an oldie but goodie. I also like Aquaphor’s lip balm, although too much of this actually makes the problem worse.


Just thinking about not being able to smile or move my lips freely (wish I were joking), I (very indulgently) invested in Clarin’s HydraQuench lip balm. It’s actually been a huge help. It’s very neutral, long lasting, and consistently makes my lips feel better.


But its hefty price tag makes me and my wallet very unhappy. Once I’m through my current tube, I’m looking forward to trying Esho’s more affordable (relatively speaking) offering.


Do you do anything different to transition into the cold? Or do you gracefully glide from the beach to a pumpkin spice latte? Let me know in the comments below!


Your friend,





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